We provide a Lifetime Guarantee on materials against manufacturing defects that result in cracking, warping, pitting, rotting, peeling, blistering or non-uniform fading discoloration. This warrantee covers only defects in material and does not include any failure caused by exposure to harmful fumes, chemicals, excessive temperatures, normal weathering and color fading, or installation workmanship. The warrantee does not apply if DoubleSnapTM Trim’s trim/products/extrusions have been painted or coated, or damaged during the initial installation, or subsequent by others.

This warrantee is for the exclusive benefit of our DoubleSnapTM Trim customer, and is non- transferrable.

Making a Claim

Any claim must be submitted in writing to DoubleSnapTM Trim after discovery of the defect claimed, describing with reasonable specificity such defect. DoubleSnapTM Trim shall be entitled to delivery of proof of such claim to DoubleSnap for evaluation and validity of the claim. Said claim is subject to DoubleSnapTM Trim’s validation, and upon validation of the claim, said claim will be expressly limited to replacement of the materials purchased, exclusive of installation, and in no event shall DoubleSnapTM Trim be liable for removal labor, installation labor, or other costs whatsoever in connection with repair, removal, or installation of either the original or replacement products.

DoubleSnapTM Trim reserves the right to discontinue or change colors or its trim/product/extrusions. If the specific trim/product/extrusion has been discontinued, we reserve the right to substitute with our nearest available product, or refund the cost of the material at the purchase price from the date of sale.

No representative of DoubleSnapTM Trim or its associates including manufacturer, contractors, retailers, or wholesalers is authorized to make any change or modification to this warrantee or express any other warranties than those stated herein.

Warranty Info

This warrantee is given in lieu of all other warranties, liabilities or obligations of DoubleSnapTM Trim, either expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, and sets forth the only warrantee for our trim/products/extrusions. In no event shall DoubleSnapTM Trim be liable for incidental, special, or consequential damages of any kind with respect to our trim/products/ extrusions regardless of whether arising from breach of warrantee, breach of contract, negligence or other tort. Any express or implied warrantee not provided herein, and any remedy for breach of contract, tort, or otherwise made, which but for this provision, might arise by implication or operation of law, is hereby excluded and disclaimed. The DoubleSnapTM Trim customer’s or any other potential claimant’s exclusive remedy shall be enforcement of this warrantee upon the terms and conditions herein contained.application is not integrated with a siding job.

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