Double Snap Trim is an all-vinyl system designed to be used in place of aluminum trim coil on new or existing window and door installations. Easy-to-install and architecturally appealing, Double Snap Trim dramatically improves the appearance of window and door openings!

Fast and Simple

With DoubleSnap Trim, you have choices.Replace existing trim and mouldings as stand-alone products, or replace trim when you’re replacing your old windows and doors! Retrofit existing trim in combination with new siding applications or install on windows and doors on new construction, with DoubleSnap you make the rules!


White and tan are always in stock and are available for immediate delivery, while our additional colors are available for special order.

All in One

DoubleSnap Trim provides you with a product that is not only great looking, but is a time and money saver. Our patented trim utilizes great architectural design, and is perfect for both new and existing contruction.

DoubleSnap is a long lasting product that comes in easy to order installation kits and provides you with an easy to install and maintenance free alternative to ordinary window trim.

Spend less time worrying about home maintenance and more time enjoying your home with DoubleSnap Trim

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